About Manch-Life

What is Manch-Life?

Manch-Life is an information guide covering Manchester, NH and the surrounding communities. A place where local residents and visitors can go to find information on Nightlife, Dinning, Entertainment, Events, Shopping, Local Businesses, Services, Lodging, Things to do, and much more. Manch-Life is truly a local guide, by local people.

Our Mission

Manch-Life, LLC will provide a value added information and business service focused on the local geographical area. Customer requirements will be met to the highest quality possible for the appropriate market. Manch-Life will strive to develop mutually beneficial relationships with its customers, employees, partners and suppliers in an effort to increase business and tourism to the local area.

Our Strategy

Be Relevant, local information and services, that is important and useful to our customers, now.

Be Valuable, by creating a brand that is integral to the people and community.

Be Local, by operating locally, and only providing local information.

Our Values

People: We value our people and are committed to growth in education, social recognition, careers, and their personal lives.

Service: Operate in a manner that evokes a positive and joyful experience for both our customers and employees, demonstrating a dedication to collaborative prosperity, and wellbeing.

Loyalty: Earn the respect and confidence of our customers and employees, throughout all of our daily interactions.

Communications: up, down, and sideways within the company, with customers and vendors, in terms of openness, frankness, clarity, frequency, accuracy, timeliness, and brevity.

Resourcefulness: We encourage the ability to deal resourcefully, i.e. creatively, imaginatively, or unanticipated opportunities.

Innovation: We desire to venture into new, breakthrough areas of opportunity.




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