10 quick ways using QR Codes can help your business.

The use of QR Codes in the United States is still relatively small, but it’s gaining ground. When used properly QR Codes can be an effective marketing tool for the small business targeting a local market. Here’s 10 quick ways using QR Codes can help your business.


Whether it’s to tell some history, provide more in-depth details, provide a suggestion, or offer tips. Using a QR Code is a great way to provide your consumers with information about your products, services, and or business in a fast and efficient way.


Text, Visual, Audio, or Interactive, it doesn’t matter. Using a QR Code for your advertisement is a fast and effective way to get the message to your consumers on a more personal level.


Email, Phone, Address, Website, or your Social media outlets, a quick scan of a QR Code can save the information to their mobile device or automatically direct them to a location specified by you.


It’s all about Brand Recognition right? Word of mouth works great, and with more and more people having some sort of mobile device at their fingertips at all times, why not give them a way to spread the message of something they like with just a few clicks rather than having to wait until they seem the person or group to tell them about it, or take the time to stop and send out an email, text, or update their social status.


Hosting an event? Using QR Codes is a good way to provide the details, get RSVP’s or even purchase tickets.


Giving away promotional items, using QR Codes is a great way to provide product information, direct consumers to where they can purchase products they like in the future, submit contest entries, provide feedback, or give a back story to your event.


Do you like to hold competitions, using QR Codes is a great way to provide rules, submit entries, provide checkpoints, clues, and give real time competition updates.


Making networking easier by providing all your information in the blink of an eye, creating a QR Code with your vCard is a quick and easy method to pass along your information.

If you’re hosting an event, you might consider a list of QR Codes with important information or contacts at the registration table, allowing attendees to quickly scan the information they want into their mobile device.

Call to Action:

Want to get your consumers to do something, make it simple for them by offering a QR Code for them to scan. Use this method to allow consumers to submit orders while standing in line, reserve a table, or purchase a product.

Reduce Costs:

Need to make some budget reductions? Using QR Codes in place of many traditional methods can help reduce costs.  For example, provide more information in a smaller advertising space; reduce your paper trail, increase efficiency and customer interaction, improve data tracking, and inventory control.

While there is many ways you could use QR Codes to help your business, these are just a few things to get you thinking about how they could be useful for your organization. In addition when using QR Codes, don’t just use them for static purposes, use them to get involved with your consumers, interact with them, and build a relationship


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